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All Natural Soy Candle, Jasmine

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All Natural Soy Candle, Jasmine

Natural soy candle contains no paraffin; burn time is 20-25 hours; wood container is 4" in diameter and 1-3/8" tall.

This "Jasmine" Candle emits the beautiful and intoxicating scent of pure jasmine.

Bring a little bit of Paradise (i.e., Hawaii) into your home! Paradise Candles of Hawaii's tropical scented soy candles are crafted with high quality all-natural soy wax and select botanical oils. This candle uses no petroleum based paraffin, burns slower and up to 50% longer than paraffin, is non-toxic and is made from cleaner burning soy wax that produces 90% less soot to blacken your walls. Best of all, it is a renewable resource supporting the U.S. economy and farmers. The candle includes a natural cotton wick (no metal core), and sits in a natural, reusable kamani or monkey pod wood container that has been ecologically forested in the South Pacific. See our entire collection of All Natural Soy Candles.