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Inspirational Magnet: "When the Power of Love..."

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"When the power of love..."

3-1/4" x 4"; made from 50% recycled magnetic material

Full text: When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace — Jimi Hendrix

Fern's Garden is proud to offer the work of our founder and owner, Fern Solomon. After 30 years of marketing her brother Jacob's wind chimes, and then the work of hundreds of fellow artisans, Fern finally found the time to create these inspirational fridge magnets. Consistent with the theme of Fern's Garden itself, these refrigerator magnets emphasize words of encouragement - in fact, Fern has dubbed them her "Encouraging Words" magnet series. She markets them under the auspices of Full Meaning Studio.

The words are critical, and Fern spends a great deal of time searching for just the right ones. Once she has a quote that inspires her, she starts layering images with hand made paper - arranging and re-arranging until she feels just right about the piece. Full Meaning Studio magnets are among the first to be made from 50% recycled magnetic material. Of course, all printing is done with soy based inks and recycled paper. Even the poly bag that contains each magnet is bio-degradable, made from corn.

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