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Art of Luck Bracelet - Agate-Miracles/Star

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Art of Luck Bracelet - Agate-Miracles/Star

3-3/4 inch stretch band (one size fits all). Explanatory card included.

Zorbitz Art of Luck Bracelets are made of natural gemstone. Each bracelet includes a white gold dipped charm to enhance the bracelet's power. Charms are collectible and more can be added to the bracelet. With a thin elastic band in each bracelet you don't have to worry about proper sizing.

Wear this bracelet always and you can discover the Art to Luck. With this Good Karma Charm, if you work hard and are a good person, then everything you desire can come your way. Agate can attract many Unexpected Miracles into your life.

Zorbitz donates between five and ten percent of the sale from every item to charities in the communities where products are made. So when you buy a Zorbitz Art of Luck Bracelet you can not only enhance good luck in your own life, but you can bring some luck to someone else in the world too. It is the realization of the ultimate karmic circle.

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