Embroidered Spotted Turtle Cap

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Embroidered Spotted Turtle Cap

One size fits all. 100% Cotton. Adjustable brass buckle.

Instead of putting a corporate or sports team logo on your head, why not wear the logo of Nature itself? ECO Herpotological's high quality embroidered cotton caps show natural images with all their color and complexity. These baseball caps are suitable as men's hats or women's hats (one size fits all). They feature a fully adjustable brass buckle. They are 100% cotton caps, pre-shrunk, and khaki (olive green) in color. Hats made in China, embroidered in Lansing, Michigan. See our entire collection of ECO's embroidered cotton caps.


This item is temporarily out of stock. The artist is working hard to make more! For an estimate of when it will be back, please call us at 1-800-759-0871. Thanks for your patience!