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Lucky Karma Beads, Nirvana

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Lucky Karma Beads, Nirvana

Genuine Blue Sodalite and wooden Karma beads. Elastic band; one size fits all.

This beautiful bracelet was created from genuine Blue Sodalite and wooden Karma beads to help you experience pure nirvana filled with joy, peace, calmness, tranquility, and an overwhelming sense of paradise.Comes with attached card with above text.

Mala is Hindi (from Sanskrit) for "a string of beads" or "a garland." The mala bead craze in the U.S. is an eclectic mixture of bead lore and belief in the power of certain stones. Also known as Power beads or Energy beads, they are usually worn as bracelets. These Lucky Karma Bead Bracelets will inspire and bring you luck -- all you have to do is believe. The inscription reads (in Chinese): "If you need it, you get it." One customer tells us she loves hers... they remind her to "breathe and do the things [she] needs to do."

Imported by Zorbitz, a 100% women owned company that donates a portion of the proceeds from these beads to support charities worldwide. The inscription on the tag reads: Wear these beads always and you can overflow with good luck, and good fortune, prosperity and success, and always have great wealth and unlimited happiness. See our entire collection of Lucky Karma Beaded Bracelets.