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Encouraging Words Necklace, "Sisters"

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Encouraging Words Necklace, "Sisters"

18kt Gold plated bronze and brushed Sterling Silver. 1/2" x 1", 18" Sterling Silver snake chain.

Inscription: A sister is a forever friend

The inspiring necklaces of artist Kathy Bransfield are probably the most popular jewelry we carry at our Fern's Garden store in Long Beach. Brilliantly designed with carved gold or silver images clasped over etched phrases, these amulets are both artful and inspiring, yet affordable. Kathy takes many of her phrases from great writers and thinkers. She says, "My role is to simply design a form, a vessel, which allows its owner to hold such thoughts close to their hearts. An inspired, personal amulet." Kathy makes her necklaces in Culver City, California. See our entire Kathy Bransfield Necklace collection.