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Purple Heart Pin

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Purple Heart Pin

Glass on copper enamel, about 1" diameter.

Artist Norma Marshall of Feather Hill Arts believes that "some women deserve a purple heart." She creates this unique glass purple heart pin at her studio in the woods of Oak Grove, Missouri. Each piece is fired two to five times to build up layers of powdered glass. Before the final firing small pieces or threads of glass are placed with tweezers, or a tiny spoon is used to add tiny amounts of powdered glass. The piece is then fired and the design created while the glass is molten.

Each pin comes packaged with a lovely poem written by Norma herself:

Did You Know?
Some women deserve a purple heart -- those who struggle through adversity
One foot in front of the other
Who smile when one would expect tears
Those who find the cup half full
And are thankful
Those whom you can count on...Can turn to...Who make our lives richer!
Women who are survivors -- Remarkable and warm who make the world
A better place just because they're here. Did you know...
YOU are one of those women?
--Norma Marshall


This item is temporarily out of stock. The artist is working hard to make more! For an estimate of when it will be back, please call us at 1-800-759-0871. Thanks for your patience!