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Feng Shui Jade Good Luck Charms, Good Karma

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Feng Shui Jade Good Luck Charms, Good Karma

Hand carved jade. About the size of a quarter. Comes beautifully boxed (see photo above).

You don't need to believe in lucky charms to give the gift of luck! The Chinese have carved jade charms for centuries, believing that jade brings good luck. Carry this luck charm with you always and the goodness you do for others can multiply and circle back to you bringing luck, eternal happiness, an abundance of treasures and everything you desire. Eternity Circles reflect Good karma and Good Luck. Imported by Zorbitz, a 100% women owned company that donates a portion of the proceeds from these beads to support charities worldwide.

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This item is temporarily out of stock. The artist is working hard to make more! For an estimate of when it will be back, please call us at 1-800-759-0871. Thanks for your patience!